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2013 AHA Convention Report

Submitted by Marilyn Weber
Photos by Heather Voyles

Click here for notes from the Equine Degenerative Joint Disease Discussion at the Convention - Courtesy of Heather Voyles

435 eligible and 301 credentialed present at the Convention

There were 2 derisive resolutions at this year's convention. 1-13 was about the bylaw restructure. We started going through by sections and it was eventually sent back to committee with questions about possible effects on the bylaws that were created by the incorporation with AHA, the registry and foundation.

The 2-13 resolution was first delayed on the floor and latter referred to committee due to problems. This deals with unrelated owners being able to show a horse in AO classes. Some people also wanted to be able to show AO even with a family member that is a professional.

In sport horse the new split for in hand at nationals was discussed. We will now have dressage type and hunter type with entries allowed to show in both. Award costs are about 905.00 per class so this will add about 16 – 17,000.00 in cost for awards, judges etc. There is a primer for judging the Arabian Sport Horse Division being finished up. I am including a prototype. Attire and equipment for split dressage and hunter types will be addressed with education.

It was discussed that at open (non Arabian) dressage horse breeding competitions that in amateur classes the handler is judged whereas in open the horse is judged.

The resolution for allowing a double bridle in sport horse under saddle was approved. They should be either hunter or dressage type not saddle seat Weymouth style. Also approved was requiring an approved helmet in SHUS classes. They are already required in both dressage and over fences.

Walk trot dressage championships can be offered at regionals as long as the highest walk trot test is used (intro B currently).

In 2014 the I-2 will now be split into Ia and Ib. For this year I-2 can be offered but Championships should be Ib. Show managers and secretaries also must be USDF members through either PM membership or a GMO.

Coming in 2015 will be the requirement of 2 gloves worn during bit checks.

USEF has adopted the WDAA rules for Western Dressage. These classes can be offered at the beginning or end but not within the regular dressage schedule. C-2 stewards should be used and USDF judges must also be WDAA members ($25.00).

Jan Decker believes that western dressage will have its own chapter in the rule book.

Equine stress discussed mostly shoeing, pads and hoof balance.

A nice trip to the KHP and the Arabian Galleries was offered along with a dinner at the beautiful Spindletop Farms. It is a lovely house and only claimed 2 delegates to falls on the stairs to the lower level. Nothing terrible just some bruises.