November 2015 News

Our annual meeting is coming up! It will be held November 14th at 11 AM at StarWest in New Berlin, IL. Please remember to look through the resolutions for the AHA Convention beforehand, as well as bring any ideas you have for the new Region XI Offsite Sport Horse Championships (I'm abbreviating the title's too long to always type!). Meat will be provided at the lunch, but please bring a side dish if possible!

If you have anything you would like discussed/mentioned at the meeting, please send me an email at, respond to this post or send me a message (at Chelsea Wesson).

Also, if you enrolled in the High Point Program, please consider items you would like to receive as prizes. If you have some ideas, please contact Marilyn Weber at with them ASAP.

October 2015 News

Our 2015 Fall Meeting has been scheduled for November 14th at 11:00 AM. It will be held at StarWest in New Berlin, IL. Visit if you are unfamiliar with the location.

Lunch will be a potluck, so please bring a dish. We will be discussing the resolutions for the 2015 AHA Convention, so please be familiar with any that may interest you. They can be viewed at…/con…/2015/2015resolutions.asp.

We will also be discussing our shows for 2016, so please come with ideas and thoughts!

September 2015 News

I am so excited to finally be able to share this! Starting in 2016, ARAB, Inc. will be the host of the Region XI Offsite Championships!

Tentatively for 2016, we plan to offer the Region XI Championships in dressage, sport horse (in hand & under saddle), western dressage, working hunters, and jumpers! We are planning a one day pre show for only sport horse and western dressage classes, so please plan your qualifying shows accordingly. Our dates for 2016 will be May 19-22. Our location will remain the same: the Illinois State Fairgrounds in Springfield!

We are all anxious to get this going, and we hope our exhibitors are, too! A BIG thank you to Dave Waggoner and the Region XI Board of Directors for helping us with these changes. Their support has meant a lot to us! We also wish the Illinois club the best with their future shows. If you have any questions, please contact us!

March 2015 News

In case you have not yet heard, the prize list for our 2015 Illinois/ARAB, Inc. Show, as well as the prize list for the 2015 Region XI Off Site Dressage/Western Dressage/Sport Horse Champs, is out! You can find it here on our website by clicking on the Shows & Events tab above.

Our 2015 Arabian Springfest show is coming up soon, April 3-5, 2015. As always, any volunteer help would be greatly appreciated. Please contact Laurie Kern if you are interested in helping.

As you may have heard, May has been designated Arabian Horse Month by AHA. Our show falls completely within May this year, and I'm wondering what we as a club/show can do to promote the breed. It is also the club's 45th anniversary this year.

If anyone has any ideas of what we can do at the show, please share them! I would love to see our club involved in this promotional month! I think it would be a silly opportunity to miss. I am willing to help out with ideas as much as I can, and I hope we have other members that are willing, too. You can either reply to this email or send me a personal email with your thoughts (or message me on Facebook!).

This is the link to AHA's Marketing Toolkit that they've released in preparation for May. Please look through it if you are interested.

January 2015 News

I would like to remind everyone that our banquet is on January 10th, which is one week from today. If you have not done so, please RSVP to John Simpson at after you read this. John will also be able to answer any questions you have concerning it.

I have received a fair number of photos for the slide show at banquet, but I would love to have more! If you're not planning on being there in person, why not be there in a photo?

The ARAB, Inc. website has been completely overhauled! The forms are updated for 2015. If you find any glitches on the site, let me know so I can get it fixed ASAP.

November 2014 News

Thanks to everyone for attending the meeting yesterday! We had a pretty good turnout! I have a few things to address from the meeting.

#1. ARAB, Inc. will once again be participating in the Illinois Horse Fair for the Arabian breed demo. The dates for 2015 are March 6th through 8th. If you are interested in helping out, please contact Marilyn Weber

#2. Our Annual Banquet is set for January 10th at Carol Fraase's in New Berlin, IL (same location as 2014). Please put this on your calendar!

#3. We will be electing our 2015 AHA Convention Delegates at that banquet. If you are interested in being a delegate, please respond to this email to let me know. I will be making ballots for voting. I need the names by December 31st.

#4. If you have not yet sent in your results for the High Point Program, the deadline is November 30th. Don't forget!

#5. We will be working on a presentation to play during our banquet. We would like to include a number of pictures of our members and their horses. We prefer the pictures are from 2014. We want a variety of types, from everyday horse picture to showing! Please send those images to ASAP. The more the better, because I don't want it to be limited to just from a couple members!

#6. As always, our banquet will have a silent auction. The proceeds from this auction will go to Salem Children's Home. We ask that members consider bringing an item (or items) to donate to the auction. Items do not have to be new!

#7. Our Club Officers remain the same.

#8. There have been no scholarship applications sent in. Please visit our website to review the application. The deadline is fast approaching!

#9 (the big one!). The Illinois/ARAB, Inc. show will no longer be hosting the Region XI Hunter/Jumper championships. Dave Waggoner is in talks with another show to host them. We will be offering no hunter/jumper classes in 2015. Please plan accordingly.

Our show will, however, host the first Region XI Western Dressage Championships! It fits seamlessly into our show, and we are all excited to help expand this growing division! The qualifying classes will be held on Thursday, May 28th, followed by the Region XI Champs on Friday, May 29th.

By moving the western dressage to Thursday/Friday, the main ring show should run more smoothly. The Coliseum is planned to be open for a longer period of time on Friday to allow those coming in for the main ring show more time to use it.

We will also have the qualifying sport horse under saddle classes divided into two sessions on Wednesday to allow both horses & riders more of a break. The rest of our show should run the same. We may have more changes to come, but the bulk of it won't change. It should be a fantastic show in 2015! We're all looking forward to it! Hopefully this answers everyone's questions.

#10. Watch for upcoming events! We have ideas that we're working on for fun club functions!

September 2014 News

Hi all! I have an important reminder for everyone! Enrollments for the 2014 ARAB, Inc. High Point Program are due on September 30th! Please remember that the entire season counts regardless of when you enroll. That means you can enroll today and still have your first show from this year count. It is $10 per horse and $10 per amateur/youth! Please participate in this great program!

The High Point Enrollment Form can be found at this link.

A current membership list can be found here.

I also want to extend good luck to all of our members competing at Sport Horse Nationals! I saw that we already have two National Championships coming home with them after only one day of competition! Best of luck to all of you for the rest of the show! I would love to have pictures to share on our website (that's a hint...haha!)!

And now, a word from our President!

Hi Everyone! I would like to invite everyone to our annual meeting on Sunday, Nov. 2nd at 1:00 pm at the Lake Point Grill in Springfield. We can enjoy a great lunch while we talk about what we would like to plan, as a club, for next year. Bring your ideas on any activities, or clinics, or anything else you can think of to make our club better. If you have concerns with either of our two shows, the meeting would be a great place to share your feelings. Also, please look over the resolutions next month when they are on the AHA website. Chelsea and I are your representatives this year and Marilyn Weber is very involved in the dressage committee. We would love to have some input from our fellow club members on the direction you would like to see the resolutions go.

Please think about becoming an officer of the club. We will be talking about this in November, too!

Hope to see many of you in November!

May 2014 News

May has been a pretty light news month for our club. Our big show is set for next week! As always, I like to remind everyone that will be there that any volunteering you can do will be appreciated. Whether it's filling in for a ring steward for a bit, running tests back and forth, helping sort ribbons, asking if the office needs anything, or taking down/setting up a dressage ring or jumps, your help will be greatly appreciated! If you're interested in helping, contact John Simpson at to see what you can do to help out!

Our Arabian Springfest show went off well, despite being smaller than usual this year. The show ran very smoothly and didn't seem to have any major trouble. Thank you to John Simpson and Heather & Sonya Voyles for making the trip to volunteer for a day!

If you have any news or anything ever to share with the club, please let me know at! The current membership list can be found by clicking here.

April 2014 News

Don't forget that the Spring Celebration is on April 12 in Belleville, IL! It begins at 11am, and we're hoping the great weather will lead to a solid turnout!

ARAB, Inc. is also co-sponsoring a dressage scribe clinic on April 26. It will be located at StarWest in New Berlin, IL. The RSVP contact is Leslie at if you would like to attend.

Thank you to our members who helped out for both the Illinois Horse Fair & at the Arabian Springfest Show! We greatly appreciate all of your help!

The current membership list is online at this link. Please be aware that AHA membership rates are now higher. The membership form on the website has been updated to reflect those changes. Previous ARAB, Inc. membership forms will no longer be accepted.

The prize list for our 2014 Illinois/ARAB, Inc. show is available online. We advise our members interested in the sport horse & dressage portions of the show to enter ASAP. There has been a history of those classes becoming full. The prize list is at this link.

March 2014 News

This weekend, March 7-9, is the Illinois Horse Fair in Springfield, IL! ARAB, Inc. is once again doing the breed demo, so be sure to stop by and say hi to those helping us out! They will be in Barn 14C.

On April 12th, ARAB, Inc. is excited to be helping out with a great event being held in Belleville, IL by our own Sue Schultz! This is a fantastic way to promote the Arabian horse to everyone, so please share this as much as you can. The flyer is attached for further information and is also available on our website & Facebook pages. Click here to see the event page.

Our membership dropped after January. A number of members have not renewed, so please review the attached member list to make sure that you or someone you know isn't one of them.

We would, however, like to welcome new member Kayla Gresham! Thank you for choosing ARAB, Inc., Kayla!

The prize list for the 2014 Arabian Springfest show is now available at

Our club's work day is Saturday, April 5th. If you plan to come help out, please contact Laurie Kern at for more details. If you want to be reminded when the show is closer, please let one of us know.

The much anticipated prize list for the 2014 Illinois/ARAB, Inc. show is almost finished. I'm hoping we will have it out at the end of this week or sometime next week.

As always, if you have any news to share with the club, please let me know so that I can pass it on! You can send it to this email, to or via Facebook (either on the ARAB, Inc. page or through my personal account).

January 2014 News - Part II

Thank you to everyone who attended our banquet last weekend! Also, welcome to ARAB, Inc. to those of you who joined us at the banquet! We greatly appreciate it!

For those of you who weren't lucky enough to have attended (the food was fabulous!!), here is a brief rundown of what happened.

The following changes were announced to the ARAB, Inc. High Point Program. They are now in effect. Please visit our High Point Program page to review the complete rules and download an entry form.

  • The addition of a Working Hunter/Jumper category to Division 1 (USEF Rated Shows).
  • The addition of a Western Dressage category to Division 3 (Dressage).
  • The removal of Division 5 – Purebred Arabian Ambassador Award.
  • The removal of the requirement for volunteer hours for participants.
  • Price adjustments to $10 per horse with unlimited categories and $10 per amateur/youth category.
  • The set date of September 30th for program enrollments. Whenever enrolled by that date, all shows between January 1 and November 30 will count.
  • The set date of report submission as December 1.
  • Dressage participants requested to include both a USDF & AHA show record whenever possible for their horses, but it is not mandatory.
  • Youth age divisions changed to 13 & under and 14-18.
  • Hopefully these changes will help increase participation! I will do my best to remind those of us who tend to forget to enroll to get that in by September 30th this year!

    Marilyn Weber & Heather Voyles gave a brief convention report. You can read a written version and view their pictures and notes by visiting here. Thanks, ladies, for your great report & pictures! It looks great on the website! Heather's photos will be on our Facebook page, too, as there were too many to reasonably fit onto a single webpage :)

    Our 2014 AHA Convention Delegates will be Laurie Kern (as President) and Chelsea Wesson. All other nominees will be listed as alternates.

    Jessalyn Bradley was our 2013 ARAB, Inc. Scholarship Recipient! Congratulations & good luck, Jessalyn!

    Mike Bradley received the 2013 President's Award for Volunteer of the Year for his countless hours and outstanding work as a volunteer at the 2013 Illinois/ARAB, Inc. Horse Show.

    And finally, you can view banquet pictures & our 2013 ARAB, Inc. High Point Award Results by visiting our Banquet page.

    January 2014 News - Part I

    Hello everyone! I hope that you're all doing well with this weather! We are hopeful that the roads will be in good shape by the weekend for the banquet on Saturday evening.

    If you are planning on attending the banquet, don't forget that we will also be holding our annual Silent Auction. Please bring an item or items if you are able. Proceeds will be donated to Salem Children's Home.

    If you are not planning to attend the banquet, please take a moment to vote for person we will be sending as a delegate from the club to the 2014 AHA Convention. Votes should be sent to Laurie Kern at by noon on Friday, January 10th.

    If you know that you will for sure be at the banquet, DO NOT vote via email. This is only for those unable to attend!

    Chelsea Wesson
    Heather Voyles
    Kayla Reimer
    Marilyn Norton
    Marilyn Weber

    The 2014 Illinois Horse Fair needs applicants for its Western Dressage Clinic. We would love to see some Arabians included! Please click here for more information.

    The first reminder for help for the Arabian Springfest is here! Our work day is Saturday, April 5. If you are willing to help us out, please let Laurie Kern know at

    Dates have been established for the two CenterLine Dressage schooling shows for 2014. Sue Graham has agreed to do the preliminary management for IceBreaker on April 29. As she hopes to be showing herself, a Day Manager is needed. President Judy Nordstrom, manager of FireCracker, offered to help on show day. This is the perfect opportunity for someone interested in learning to manage a dressage schooling show to break into the task easily. For either show, please volunteer to shadow Judy at

    This year's IceBreaker will also host a scribe school led by Leslie Burket in conjunction with ARAB, Inc. If you are interested in learning to scribe, please let Leslie know at

    FireCracker has been set for July 12 with Judy Nordstrom as manager. Both shows will offer western dressage for the first time. Marilyn Weber is in charge of publicizing this to area western dressage participants. Members interested in further information about Western Dressage may contact Marilyn directly at

    The current membership list may be viewed here.

    Thanks for reading! Hope to see many of you this Saturday!

    December 2013 News

    Due to my lack of computer access on Saturday, if you are interested in being a nominee for a delegate for the 2014 AHA Convention, please email me at by the end of this week. The current nominees are:
    Chelsea Wesson
    Heather Voyles
    Kayla Reimer
    Marilyn Norton
    Marilyn Weber

    Our President, Laurie Kern, will be attending Convention for the first time in 2014, so we are voting for the second delegate and an alternate. We will accept nominees at the banquet before the voting, but the members must be present to be nominated there. If I have missed anyone that has contacted me to be included, please let me know ASAP as it was not intentional!

    Don't forget that Marilyn Weber is hosting her annual Mexican Fiesta Christmas Party on this Wednesday, December 18! Margarites will start at 6 PM with Flamedos to follow at 7PM. If you would like directions or more information, please contact Marilyn at

    The details for our 2014 Banquet have been finalized! Please click here to view them.

    We request that members who have won a National level award in 2013 to bring their trophies and flowers to the banquet to help us celebrate the great year we have had as a club in the show ring!

    A current membership list can be found by clicking here.

    As always, if you have anything to include on our website, Facebook page, Twitter account, or in an eBlast, please feel free to send it to me at

    November 2013 News

  • Our scholarship applications must be postmarked by November 30th!
  • High Point results reports are due by December 10th.
  • If you are interested in being a delegate for ARAB, Inc. at the 2014 AHA Convention, please let me know. We will be voting on these at the banquet. Print ballots will be brought to it, so I need to know names to include. We will be voting for one delegate and one alternate.
  • The Annual Banquet will be held on January 11th. The location and further details will follow as soon as they are finalized.
  • There is a very pertinent conversation happening on Facebook about clubs. ARAB, Inc. has a majority of members that do not contribute to our discussions, meetings, programs, or banquet. As a member or potential member of our club, is there anything we can do to get your involvement? What needs to change or develop to inspire your involvement? Why haven't you contributed in the past? Please share with me either by emailing me here or on the Facebook page. These same questions are shared there. I was told that it was discussed at Convention that social media is being pushed for AHA clubs. I feel we are doing well on this!

    Hi everyone!
    After our General Meeting this past Sunday, I have a few general things for everyone.
    1) A reminder that Scholarship Applications must be postmarked no later than November 30, 2013. The form has been available on our website all year, but there have been no applicants yet! Click here for the form.
    2) If you were a National Champion or Reserve National Champion at one of AHA's events this year, please contact me! We have a proposition for those members. I know who you all are, so if I don't hear from you after this, expect many emails from me ;)
    3) I'm looking for pictures of our members and their horses from this great show season we've all had! If they are professional photos, they must be ones that were digital images for use on a website. If they are your own photos, your own permission will work. We would love to be able to include our members' great successes on our website! Please email them to me at this address, plus the titles your horse has won. If you have photos from other recent years, those are also welcome!
    4) A High Point Committee has been established to look at the program for big changes in 2014. It consists of Heather Voyles, Marilyn Weber & Chelsea Wesson. Feel free to contact one of us if you have any ideas/concerns for it.
    5) We normally vote for Convention Delegates at our General Meeting. This year, however, we decided to do that at the Annual Banquet in January. Because of this change, we will be accepting nominations via email.
    If you would like to be in the running to be a 2014 AHA Convention Delegate representing ARAB, Inc., please respond to this email to let me know. The deadline for this is December 15th. A ballot will be made available for all current members at the Banquet, and I am looking into doing online voting as well. Nominations will NOT be accepted at the banquet, and the delegate and one alternate will be announced there.
    6) The 2014 Arabian Springfest Show will be April 4-6. Our work day is April 5th. Pencil it in your calendars now!
    7) The 2014 Illinois/ARAB, Inc. Show will be May 28-June 1.
    8) The current membership list is available here.
    Hopefully, I will have more great news to share with all of you over the winter! Thanks for reading!