New Website

Hi everyone! Our new website is under development and looking great! I am looking for more pictures from our members to include, as well as testimonials. Until I get more pictures, expect plenty of my own horses to fill the space 😉

I’m also looking to add a page linking to member farm websites, whether public or private. I’ll even take a farm Facebook page for a link if you do not have your own dot com!

If you have any club friendly events planned for 2018, please let me know those.

I’d really like this website to become a great resource for our club, but that really does require some help from our members, too. I cannot do this alone, and the more activity we get, the more things this club can start to accomplish.

You can reach me via email by clicking here, or you can send in the Contact form now available on our website (click here for that!). Thank you!